138. News: The Brexit Blame Game

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138. News: The Brexit Blame Game

This week David is joined by Bianca Lopes, Sarah Kocianski and Jamie Campbell.

David's representing 11:FS without the other guys this week, but he's not alone as he's joined by Bianca Lopes, Sarah Kocianski, and Jamie Campbell to power through another packed show.

First up, and straight off the back of our appearance at XeroCon, we cover Curve's partnership with Xero. Hit or miss? Let us know what you think. The team discusses Starling's launch of Business Accounts - yet another string to their bow - and has the Brexit vote hit Tandem's ability to raise money?

The guys talk about two stories on Atom - contrasting their £42m loss last year to the increase in their deposits over £900m. And we discuss whether pensioners are being penalised for saving too much.

Are consumers comfortable sharing their financial data and, if not, could the news derail the open banking revolution? Meanwhile, HSBC gets the jump on other large UK banks, announcing a new app to link customer accounts.

Plus...Aviva invest in Wealthify, real-time payments on two continents, yet more news on Equifax, and a cryptocurrency for Ghostface Killah.

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Special Guests: Bianca Lopes, Jamie Campbell, and Sarah Kocianski.