133. State of the Union

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133. State of the Union

Sam Maule is in the hosting seat for our very first all-American Fintech Insider episode!

In this episode, Sam Maule hosts a roundtable discussion about the state of fintech, banking and financial services in America right now.

He is joined by special guests: Matt Harris, MD of Bain Venture Capital, Margaux Avedisian, EVP at Transform Group, Robert Barba, Senior Banking and Fintech Writer and Analyst at Bankrate, Inc., and Laura Spiekerman, co-fouder of Alloy.

Between them they cover:
The state of VC, is it a bubble? Will it burst?
The state of crypto currency and ICOs
The state of compliance
The state of the media in relation to financial services, banking and fintech

Thanks to all our guests for taking part!

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Special Guests: Laura Spiekerman , Margaux Avedisian, Matt Harris, and Robert Barba.