Ep. 130. News: How big is the Shadow Economy?

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Ep. 130. News: How big is the Shadow Economy?

David, Jason and Simon are joined by Dave Birch and Richard Davies for this week's news.

In this episode,

Author, speaker and fintech guru Dave Birch joins David, Jason and Simon for the news, alongside Richard Davies, formerly of HSBC, about to start at TSB.

We also hear from Alison Rose of RBS at their Entrepreneurial Spark event.

This week they discuss what Google's banking app might look like; First Direct repositioning itself because great customer service is no longer a differentiator; is India really overtaking China in fintech adoption?
What's the truth behind the "big number" Deutsche Bank staff being replaced by robots, according to their CEO? And could this have been publicised better?

As Portugal bans large cash payments we discuss stashes, hoards and how big is the Shadow Economy? As ING promotes itsme in Belgium they discuss who do we trust most with our data? AliPay Smile launches in China proving that electronic face recognition is better than humans and the perfect marketing strategy vis innovation that has been executed here.

And finally, following Sam Maule's lead, which song matches these stories best? Check out our Spotify playlist to listen to the ones the team chose and see if you agree! https://open.spotify.com/user/11fs/playlist/4JGfsBeULjw5xHf16zStCO

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Special Guests: Dave Birch and Richard Davies.