Ep. 127. News: Mauled

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Ep. 127. News: Mauled

Sam Maule takes the reins for his first time in the Fintech Insider hosting seat for this week's news show.

In this episode:

Sam Maule is joined by David Brear, Jason Bates and Simon Taylor for this week's news show.
They discuss: the possibility of US banks making a massive profit if deregulation goes ahead, and at what cost to the consumers?; Co-op Bank's stake falls to just 1%, what happens to the 4M loyal customers who buy into Co-op's ideals if only 1% is still managed by them?; As Barclays allowed customers to make payments via Siri is this actual innovation from them? And is this a huge step forward in accessibility to banking for the handicapped?

They also talk through TransferWise's next funding raise and how they properly "get" marketing, Google and Walmart team up to take on Amazon, N26's first 500k customers, and how porn can be an innovative force in banking.

Also, if all these news stories were a song, which song would they be? See if you agree with the team's suggestions.

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