124 Insights - Starling Bank Takeover

45min listen

124 Insights - Starling Bank Takeover

Fintech Insider takes over Starling Bank's offices to bring you this week's Insights Show!

In this episode:
Megan Caywood, Chief Platform Officer, Jason Maude, Head of Customer Analytics and Sarah Guha, Product Director at Starling are joined by David Brear and Simon Taylor for a round table discussion about all things Starling Bank!

Megan, Sarah and Jason fill us in on what Starling Bank does right now and it's aim to be the best current account in the industry. They also talk about the beginning of their global expansion, their start up mentality, their total focus on innovation and improvement, and the hurdles of rapid scaling.

They also discuss their Marketplace product and some key partnerships as part of that, and how they're making a head start on PSD2.

For more information visit StarlingBank.com or follow them on Twitter @StarlingBank.

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Special Guests: Jason Maude, Megan Caywood, and Sarah Guha.