123. News: Data is the new oil

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123. News: Data is the new oil

David and Chris are joined by Andrew Ellis, Strategy Lead at RBS; Sarah Kocianski, Business Insider reporter, and Sameer Chishty, founder of Streeton Partners for this week's news.

In this episode:

In an episode packed full of guests and news, we kick off with Tandem's takeover of Harrods bank - where did they get the money and what's their next move? Next up is Australia's latest move to make bitcoin an official currency as they continue to fight to become a leader in blockchain, and is bitcoin the key to Chinese investment?

Are Monzo the friendliest bank in Britain as yet again they reap praise from open, honest and prompt user communications following another outage. Are SoftBank vying to become the first investor to fund multiple world dominating companies? Are they the best at spotting new unicorns?

They also talk Chinese giants - WeChat and Alipay as Chinese banks look to regulate fintechs, and is data the new oil? Reliable data that can be shared, is the new commodity companies want in on.

And finally, what is ethical hacking?

All this and more in this week's show.

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Special Guests: Andrew Ellis, Sameer Chishty, and Sarah Kocianski.