118. News: Tokenaires and the Spiral of Complacency

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118. News: Tokenaires and the Spiral of Complacency

Simon and David are joined by Sarah Kocianski to discuss the top stories of the last seven days.

In this episode:

The team discuss: Revolut's massive crowd-funding pledges - but what will they do with the money?; Musk vs Zuckerberg on the future of AI; Transferwise's team-up with Apple Pay; and alternative credit scoring as Aire get a deal with Zopa.

We also have an exclusive interview with Innovate Finance’s CFO, Abdul Haseeb Basit about their H1 Fintech Investment report.

We also talk more bad news for Lloyds as they are forced to pay yet another fine; is too much reliance on consumer credit taking us into the next recession?; and finally, Sweden's government leaks critical information of nearly the entire country.

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Special Guest: Sarah Kocianski.