Ep. 10. China draws first regulatory blood on ICOs

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Ep. 10. China draws first regulatory blood on ICOs

Simon and Colin are joined by Fintech Insider's Jason Bates and we have an exclusive interview with THE ICO lawyer, Patrick Murck

In this episode:

Simon and Colin and special guest, Fintech Insider and 11:FS' Jason Bates, break down the top news stories of the week including:
-The PBOC declares ICOs illegal

  • Crypto markets tumble 20% as a result
  • Messenger app Kik raises funds to launch an ICO for its own currency, the kin.
  • And… Paris Hilton launches an ICO

They also debate why it is that bitcoin is currently considered a no-go zone by big banks?

Then Simon catches up with ICO lawyer and token expert Patrick Murck for his thoughts on token sales, ICOs and the Chinese rulings making headlines this week.

And finally - let us know which celebrity you'd trust most if they endorsed an ICO - Tweet us @bchaininsider or drop us a line at podcasts@11fs.com.

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Special Guests: Jason Bates and Patrick Murck.