Ep. 1: Ongoing Token Madness

55min listen

Ep. 1: Ongoing Token Madness

Welcome to the first ever Blockchain insider - this is the show for all your Blockchain and DLT needs.

In this episode:

Today we will talk about the ongoing token madness, the importance of the state of Delaware, followed by some Blockchain news, including the importance of bitcoin in both the sale of marijuana and related and unrelated transaction security.

In the second part of the show we have two interviews with some fantastic guests - first up: Arthur and Kathleen Brietman, the founders of Tezos, about one of the most exciting token sales happening. They are followed by Stefan Thomas the CTO of famous start-up Ripple, the global settlement network, who discusses (among other things) the importance of protocols and the rise and investment in interledgers.

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Special Guests: Arthur Breitman, Kathleen Breitman, and Stefan Thomas.