Bonus: Why should governments embrace new payment technologies?

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EL. EF. GEE. Today, Mauricio Magaldi joins David M. Brear and some great guests, from Chamber of Progress and the House of Lords, for this Fintech insider and Blockchain Insider crossover episode!

In today's bonus show, our expert hosts, David M. Brear and Mauricio Magaldi, are joined by some great guests to ask: "Why should governments embrace new payment technologies?”

This week's guests include:

  • Mauricio Magaldi, Global Strategy Director of Crypto, 11:FS
  • Chris Holmes, Baron Holmes of Richmond
  • Janay Eyo, Director of Financial Policy, Chamber of Progress

Innovation can often move a lot faster than the bureaucracy - and sometimes that’s a good thing when it comes to risk and regulation.

But with payments technology growing, evolving, and offering solutions to some of the world’s big problems - is it time for governments globally to catch up?

Our amazing panel discuss how governments and payments technology work together, the potential solutions from blockchain, and how the future of payments will shape the future of our biggest economies.

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Special Guests: Chris Holmes, David M. Brear , and Janay Eyo.