Bonus: The future of interoperability

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We. Are. Here. At Barclays Rise for the ION Hackathon. Clearmatics are doing a special bonus episode with us covering the day's events. We've got a bumper pack of interviews for you including conversations with some of the hackathon teams, including some very youthful competitors.

Simon and Sara are at the ION Hackathon.

The hackathon's all about interoperability and the general interoperability framework. It's not just about Ethereum to Ethereum, which is what Clearmatics is working on, it can be used for other platforms including legacy. Interoperability is a way for systems to talk to each other efficiently across different dematerialised assets. The hackathon has people working on three different platforms, Ethereum, Hyperledger fabric and Corda 2. Simon and Sara dive into what this all means before talking to some very interesting people, including:

  • George Ornbo, CTO of Clearmatics
  • Edward Budd, Co-Founder of Adhara
  • Dr. David Wild, Head of Computer Science at Bedford school
  • Antony Denyer CTO of Web3 Labs
  • Puneetha K, Blockchain Platform Engineer at Web3 Labs
  • Dr. Lee Braine, Investment Bank CTO office at Barclays
  • John Whelan, Head of Digital Investment Banking at Banco Santander

Simon talks to George Ornbo about interoperability functioning in a trustless manner, moving from changing value to changing state and now to adapting for Hyperledger. A full DVP workflow was released prior to the hackathon and that's what the teams are working on.

Reformed banker Ed Budd giveds some insight on how ION can support Adhara's business and how interoperability means that companies will no longer need to be locked into a particular software vendor.

Dr. David Wild and the group from Bedford school who had only started working with Ethereum two days prior to the event talk to Simon about getting students involved with intellectually demanding extracurricular subjects and having them exposed to it early. It's all new to the students so the focus is on identifying what they can take on and solving the problem of data exchange across exam boards. They're using the ION framework to simulate ways people can talk to each other in the same language and in a secure way.

Simon sits with Web3 Labs CTO Antony Denyer and Blockchain Platform Engineer at Web3 Labs Puneetha K, to talk about how the Java community is developing and scaling in the Ethereum network. How enterprise grade applications on blockchain are really all about Java and how Web3 Labs has used the hackathon. ION also showed them a faster way of verifying data but application level verification is still vital to verifying data over time.

Dr. Lee Braine worked on the ION hackathon for Barclays with Clearmatics to discover what others thought of the protocol and if the appetite was there amongst other companies. Interoperability is one of the most complex topics in the blockchain space and Simon talks to the doctor about all aspects of it and how the hackathon was judged using creativity, innovation and presentation of the solutions.

John Whelan shares his experience as a judge for the ION hackathon. He shares that the world's acceptance of many distributed ledgers means that they'll be built on multiple different technologies including Ethereum, Hyperledger fabric, Corda or digital asset. Interoperability is necessary for these ledgers to work together.

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This week's episode of Blockchain Insider was produced by Laura Watkins and Petrit Berisha. Edited by Alex Woodhouse.

Special Guests: Antony Denyer, Dr. David Wild and Bedford School students, Dr. Lee Braine, Ed Budd, George Ornbo, John Whelan, and Puneetha K..