Bonus: Rock band Avenged Sevenfold announce trialing NFT-gated pre-sales, and the Ticketmaster fiasco

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EL. EF. GEE. Today, Mauricio Magaldi joins Kate Moody and David Barton Grimley to discuss the latest news about Ticketmaster, and take a look at the challenges it has been facing, and what the solutions could be. All of this and much much more on today's Blockchain Insider Bonus episode!

In today's bonus show, our expert hosts, Mauricio Magaldi - Global Strategy Director for Crypto, Kate Moody - Global Strategy Director for Customer Experience, and David Barton-Grimley - Global Strategy Director for Embedded Financial Services, sit down to take a look at everything that went down with Ticketmaster in the past few months.

We wanted to share this really exciting conversation with our Blockchain Insider listeners, especially after last week's big Ticketmaster news: “Ticketmaster trialling NFT-gated pre-sales for Avenged Sevenfold tour”.

Our amazing panel discuss what happened, and explore some of the issues at play - such as bots, inclusivity and queue system issues. And it wouldn’t be a true 11FS discussion if we don’t take a look at potential solutions and learnings, which of course - included blockchain!

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Special Guests: David Barton-Grimley and Kate Moody.