Bonus: Interview with Richard Davies TSB Design Competition

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Bonus: Interview with Richard Davies TSB Design Competition

Today we’re bringing you a special bonus episode of Fintech Insider. Ross sits down with Richard Davies, Commercial Director, TSB to discuss their new design competition. Collaborating with 11:FS, the competition aims to bring in more innovative tools for small businesses to thrive.

Ross and Richard discuss the upcoming design competition, how TSB aims to utilise innovative design in a wider business banking context and of course all the rules.

TSB is looking to champion SMEs and tackle their problems, thrive and be more productive without having to weighed down by banking admin.

Richard Davies tells us what he wants the competition to achieve and how being the first high street bank with a modern banking platform will give TSB an advantage

Universities, students, and fintech freelancers are the main audience for the competition. Everyone else would probably be breaking the terms of their contract.

TSB want applicants to figure out how to transform banks physical reach and capabilities for helping local business to right across the UK.

We learn about the O2O hybrid, fusing the digital and real worlds together, that TSB is moving forward with, and how they’ve been inspired by Alipay’s take on it.

The competition is also looking for fresh thinking without any preconceived notions of what banking is, it’s about leading a generation.

TSB is working with 11:FS and 12 universities on the competition. The prizes are pretty exciting. £9000 has been set aside in total, 2 x £3000 and 3 x £1000 paid out by TSB directly to the winners.

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Special Guest: Richard Davies.