98. Do the crime, do the time

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We. Are. Here. Today we bring you: JPMorgan says Bitcoin’s price has pumped beyond its intrinsic value, The Most Expensive Lesson Of My Life and 10 thousand dollars worth of pizza!

Colin is nowhere to be seen today, but luckily Simon is joined by Blockchain Insider favourite Sarah Feenan!

First up, JPMorgan says the bitcoin price has jumped beyond its intrinsic value! JPMorgan seems to previously have treated bitcoin as a commodity and priced it calculating its cost of production. Sarah remarks it is interesting that JPMorgan treated it like a commodity, as there have been attempts to value cryptocurrencies over the years, and treating it as a commodity is not a way known to her. Simon describes bitcoin as gold with a teleporter, it's not always accepted as a form of payment, but it is clearly a valuable object. (02.02)

Next up, ABN AMRO eyes launch of blockchain inventory platform and are said to be dropping their bitcoin wallet plan. The new platform is for trade inventory and is called Forcefield. It is designed to provide a real-time view of bitcoin trade inventories. Sarah points out that unfortunately, ABN keeps getting reminded of their bitcoin plan each time they release a new product but that idea was, in fact, dropped years ago! Simon wonders about the product side of this. What is the interface going to look like? Will it solve problems people actually have? (07.10)

We also have a great Tweet of the Week from @60 minutes, about how a mans want for pizza cost him hundreds of millions of dollars! Oh dear.

For those of you who thought we would make it through this whole episode without Colin Platt, well, we did not! Here is a great interview with Anton Roudakov the Head of Sales at Kaiko!

Other stories include:

  • Beyond KYC: Regulators Set to Adopt Tough New Rules for Crypto Exchanges
  • Brave Browser to Raise Over $30 Million in Series A Equity Round
  • Sean Coonce -The Most Expensive Lesson Of My Life: Details of SIM port hack

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