97: YuLife raises $70 million & Lloyd's makes history

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97: YuLife raises $70 million & Lloyd's makes history

Nigel Walsh and Benjamin Ensor are joined by a panel of guests to talk through the most exciting Insurtech news of the past week. Hear about: YuLife raising $70 million, staycationers riding without insurance, and Lloyd’s making history. All of this and much much more on today's Insurtech Insider!

Nigel Walsh and Benjamin Ensor are joined by a great panel of guests to discuss the most recent and exciting news in the world of Insurtech.

Joining us today are:

  • Sam Fromson, Co-Founder & COO, Yulife
  • Nikki Daniels, Founder & Chair of e-Zee insurance
  • Ruth Foxe Blader, Partner, Anthemis

We cover the following stories:

  • YuLife raises $70 million! 2:33
  • cycleGuard research finds 80% of UK cycling staycationers are riding without insurance 17:35
  • US lawsuit could open ‘giant can of worms’ in Amazon’s fight against product recalls 32:19
  • Global insurance recovery will be faster & stronger than in 2008 44:05
  • The Business Interruption saga is not over 54:40
  • Aon & Willis Towers Watson cancel merger 56:12
  • Lloyd’s makes history with new appointment 58:05

All that and much more on this week's episode of Insurtech Insider!

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This episode of Insurtech Insider was produced by Hanna Samuelson and edited by Alex Woodhouse.

Special Guests: Nikki Daniels , Ruth Foxe-Blader, and Sam Fromson.