94. Binance gets Dex’y

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We. Are. Here. Today we bring you: Big French Bank does a thing, a very interesting thing, Binance gets Dex’y and Serena Williams invests in Coinbase.

Simon and Colin are here (well Simon is, Colin's still in a field) to talk about the latest and greatest news in blockchain this week.

First up, we take a look at Societe Generale issuing the first covered bond as a security token on a public blockchain. Societe Generale SFH, the covered bond vehicle of Societe Generale, issued the first covered bond (EUR 100m) as a security token on a public blockchain. Colin remarks that as far as he can tell it appears to be a live transaction on the public Ethereum blockchain which is a big move. Simon adds that as bond issuances go it's not massive but for blockchain transactions it's really significant (01:08).

Next we talk about the London Stock Exchange collaboration on first issue of Blockchain ‘token’ shares. Around £3m worth of shares in technology company 2030 were issued in token form and settled in a test environment on the LSE’s Turquoise equity trading service. Colin comments that he doesn't believe it'll open up a new realm of new issuances of bonds by itself as tokens don't change story from current technology. Simon suggests that momentum is building in the distance (06:25).

We also have a great Tweet of the Week from @mayazi on Consensys raising $200M.

Other stories include:

  • Binance Launches Decentralized Exchange Ahead of Schedule
  • Skeptic’s Lens: Can Binance Revive DEXs?
  • Coinbase Generated $520m in revenue last year
  • Serena Williams invested in Coinbase

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