89. Checkmate

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We. Are. Here. Today we bring you: CBOE halt Bitcoin futures, Binance to the moon? And Deloitte puts ASX at checkmate.

Colin and Simon are here in the studio to talk about the latest and greatest news in blockchain, including:

First up, we take a look at Binance Coin. The pair talk about why the cost has gone up so much and Simon comments that this isn't too dissimilar to a company doing a share buy-back to grow the value of the shares and if this makes the coin more like a security (01:26).

Next we talk about Citi scrapping its plan for a JPM coin-lke bank-backed crypto having decided that other technologies provide more efficient and effective solutions. It's a topic Colin and Simon have talked about quite a few times before. Colin suggests that JP Morgan's approach has been more considered and analytical with a deeper plan in place than Citi. He adds that being wary and understanding new technologies is important but if you're just looking for a solution then using existing technology makes sense, but too many companies have tried to exist in a halfway house between the two (07:16).

We also have a great Tweet of the Week from @CasPiancey on the d(evolution) of Tether

Finishing off the show we caught up with Kerry Denerstein, Regulatory Affairs Lead at CLS Group (37:25).

Other stories include:

  • CBOE halts Bitcoin futures, considering conceding market to CME
  • ASX - Deloitte - Australian Financial Review

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This week's episode of Blockchain Insider was produced by Laura Watkins and Petrit Berisha. Edited by Alex Woodhouse.

Special Guest: Kerry Denerstein.