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We. Are. Here. Today we bring you: BitGo exaggerate insurance coverage, tokenising equity and the owner of the Burj Khalifa plans an ICO.

Colin is joined by a host of brilliant guests this week to talk about the latest and greatest news in blockchain, including:

  • Michael Coletta, Lead blockchain architect, LSEG
  • Stefan Loesch, Managing Partner at LexByte
  • Noelle Acheson, Editorial Producer at Coindesk
  • Dr. Vic Arulchandran, COO Nivaura
  • Ric Burton, CEO Balance

Fair warning - this is a firey episode.

First up, we take a look at claims that BitGo may have exaggerated its insurance coverage. One of the underwriters behind BitGo’s $100 million cryptocurrency insurance policy has accused the custodian of exaggerating the scope of its coverage by using “ambiguous language”. Noelle points out that the small print is easy to access and that it's unreasonable to expect marketing documents to have that information clearly laid out and says that calling it misleading is up to interpretation, but probably unfair for an underwriter to say. Brace yourself, the debate gets intense. Seriously. (01:26).

Next we talk about the Swiss Stock Exchange SIX's decision to tokenise equity on R3's Corda Blockchain. The goal for SDX is creating a regulated exchange platform for digital assets, starting with stocks and then exploring other tradable instruments. The intense debate continues with questions around why SIX has decided to use Corda, long term versus short term gains and how the new world can fit into the old world (21:25)

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This week's episode of Blockchain Insider was produced by Laura Watkins and Petrit Berisha. Edited by Alex Woodhouse.

Special Guests: Dr. Vic Arulchandran, Michael Coletta, Noelle Acheson, Richard Burton, and Stefan Loesch.