8. Why can't banks innovate?

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8. Why can't banks innovate?

We're continuing our journey Under the Hood, lifting the lid on banking technology - and in today's episode, we are looking at innovation, and why the big banks find this so hard. Simon and Sankaet are joined by former bankers who are now fintech founders to find out more!

This week, Simon and Sankaet are looking at big banks holistically and asking the big question: Why can’t banks innovate?

Why IS innovation and transformation from within so long and expensive for traditional banks? Where are they going wrong, and how do fintechs and FS service providers manage to “do digital” so much better than traditional banks?

To dive deeper into this, we’re joined by some excellent guests with their fair share of experience in big banks, who've gone on to found fintechs, who can help us answer this very question.

  • Peter Hellwig, CEO and founder, Atmos
  • Andy Mielczarek, CEO of Chetwood Financial

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Special Guests: Andy Mielczarek and Peter Hellwig.