712. Insights: How does embedded finance make money?

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712. Insights: How does embedded finance make money?

David Barton-Grimley is joined by some great guests, from Ampla, Fiat Republic, and HSBC, to give examples of how embedded finance can find scale and make a profit.

Our expert host, David Barton-Grimley, is joined by some great guests to ask: "“How does embedded finance make money?”

This week's guests include:

  • Tui Allen, Vice President of Product, Ampla
  • Sophie Guibaud, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial & Growth Officer, Fiat Republic
  • Nadya Hijazi, Global Head of Wholesale Digital Channels, HSBC

Embedded finance has the ability to bring financial inclusion to those previously excluded and provide genuinely helpful services at the point of need.

But, revenue is important to making sure that embedded finance is a sustainable option.

In this week's show we're looking at how you set up an embedded finance partnership, how to make it successful, and how do you make it profitable.

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Special Guests: Nadya Hijazi, Sophie Guibaud, and Tui Allen.