709. Insights: How does financial services make it all about the customer?

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709. Insights: How does financial services make it all about the customer?

Kate Moody is joined by some great guests, from 11:FS, Ramp, and Citi's DX10, to talk about how crucial customer centric design is to building better financial services.

Our expert host, Kate Moody, is joined by some great guests to ask: "How does financial services make it all about the customer?"

This week's guests include:

  • Diego Zaks, Head Of Design, Ramp
  • Peter Collingridge, EMEA Head, D10x, Citi
  • Will Jones, Executive Creative Director, 11:FS

No matter what variation of fintech, financial service, bank, B2B, or B2C that you’re building or growing – there’s always the all-important end user.

While we may think that’s a given, many businesses get lost in other things which mean they often forget this key principle.

So, in this show, we’ve put together a panel of amazing experts to discuss: what customer centric design is and how it's implemented, the challenges of the jobs-to-be-done framework, and what this looks like in the future.

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Special Guests: Diego Zaks, Peter Collingridge, and Will Jones.