704. Insights: How will financial crime evolve in 2023?

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704. Insights: How will financial crime evolve in 2023?

Kate Moody is joined by some great guests, from ComplyAdvantage and Fintrail, to talk about the growing threats in financial crime and the innovative solutions to tackle them.

Our expert host, Kate Moody, is joined by some great guests to ask: "how will financial crime evolve in 2023?"

We can’t predict the crimes of the future - but experts do incredible work to keep on top of growing practices in financial crime and money laundering in the hope of keeping businesses, finances, and people safe.

In today's episode, in association with ComplyAdvantage, we're looking at how 2023’s economic landscape impact financial crime, what emerging trends is the industry seeing, and what innovations are helping AML, compliance, and financial crime players keep up with the challenges.

This week's guests include:

  • Iain Armstrong, Regulatory Affairs Practice Lead, ComplyAdvantage
  • Jessica Cath, Head of Financial Crime Project Delivery, Fintrail

This episode is sponsored by ComplyAdvantage

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Special Guests: Iain Armstrong and Jessica Cath.