69. News: Lemonade goes public and travel insurance covers COVID-19

52min listen

Nigel Walsh and David Brear are joined by a panel of guests to talk through the latest news in the insurtech and insurance world including Lemonde goes public and the Post Office brings back travel insurance...with coronavirus cover! All this and much more on this week's Insurtech Insider!

Nigel Walsh and David Brear are back this week to talk through the most interesting news of the week just gone. As always, they are joined by some awesome guests:

  • David George - CEO of Bikmo
  • Sahas Katta - CEO of Smartcar
  • Nikki Daniels - Board Advisor for Honcho Markets and Founder & Director of e-Zee Insurance Solutions

Together they cove the following news stories from the last week:

  • Lemonade goes public (05:00)
  • Post Office brings back travel insurance - with coronavirus cover (15:36)
  • Lloyd’s of London to open underwriting rooms in September (27:48)
  • A new era for events cover, Beazley offers virtual events cover (36:40)
  • 7/11 to sell insurance in Japan (45:20)
  • Laka launches progressive recovery policy (47:35)

All that and much more on this week's episode of Insurtech Insider!

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This episode of Insurtech Insider was produced by Hanna Samuelson and edited by Alex Woodhouse.

Special Guests: David George, Nikki Daniels , and Sahas Katta.