619. Insights: What next for anti-money laundering?

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619. Insights: What next for anti-money laundering?

Simon Taylor is joined by some great guests, from Hummingbird, Fintrail and Temenos, to talk about what the future holds for the AML industry.

Our expert host, Simon Taylor, is joined by some great guests to discuss what the future looks like for the anti-money laundering industry.

The UK sees a whopping £88bn laundered annually, with that figure reaching £216.5bn in the US.

This makes up a sizeable chunk of £1.8tn said to be laundered globally – a staggering 3% of GDP.

So, today we’re looking at how AML keeps up with the sizable task ahead of it, what stands in its way and is this a problem that can truly be solved?

This week's guests include:

  • Adam Gable, Product Director - Financial Crime, Treasury & Risk, Temenos
  • Joe Robinson, Co-founder & CEO, Hummingbird
  • Jessica Cath, Head of Financial Crime Project Delivery, Fintrail

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Special Guests: Adam Gable, Jessica Cath, and Joe Robinson.