615. Insights: Can data enrichment outsmart fraudsters?

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615. Insights: Can data enrichment outsmart fraudsters?

David M. Brear is joined by some great guests – from Callsign, Featurespace, and Banking Circle – to dive into how richer data can help to combat financial crime more effectively.

In this episode - in association with Callsign - our expert host, David M. Brear, is joined by some great guests to talk about the best approach to tackling financial fraudsters!

The idea that organisations can leverage data to gain an understanding of their customers is better understood than it once was – but what this actually looks like in practice and how does it come to life?

From reducing fraudulent transactions, to improved UX, to compliance with regulators – data leverage and enrichment opens up so many avenues for financial organisations.

This week's guests include:

  • Christopher Stephens, Head of Solution Engineering (UK, Europe & South Africa), Callsign
  • PJ Rohall, Fraud Subject Matter Expert, Featurespace
  • Livia Benisty, Global Head of Business AML, Banking Circle

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Special Guests: Christopher Stephens, Livia Benisty, and PJ Rohall.