6. How is Cryptocurrency disrupting money movement?

49min listen

We're continuing our journey Under the Hood, lifting the lid on banking technology - and in today's episode, we're looking at cryptocurrency and stable coins and examining how they are starting to disrupt global money movement. Simon and Sankaet are joined by special guests to find out more!

Simon and Sankaet are deep diving intro the cryptocurrency space, looking at what is a stable coin and how is it different from crypto assets such as bitcoin?
They also examine how regulation and compliance around crypto is also beginning to change; and how, when or if crypto might start to be built into actual banking systems and start to disrupt global money movement.

  • Jonathan Conway- CTO, Mode
  • Rhian Lewis, Author of The Cryptocurrency Revolution.
  • Neel Popat, CEO of Donut

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Special Guests: Jonathan Conway, Neel Popat, and Rhian Lewis.