599. Insights: In emerging markets, payments move in innovative ways

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599. Insights: In emerging markets, payments move in innovative ways

Simon Taylor is joined by some great guests from Wise, Chipper Cash, and Salt to unpack how the payments sector is evolving globally – with a focus on emerging markets.

Our expert host, Simon Taylor, is joined by some great guests to break down the payments sector in emerging markets.

The payments sector remains at the forefront of financial services and the sector is evolving in many exciting ways.

That evolution is especially eye-catching in the emerging markets, who are not laboured with antiquated infrastructure seen across Europe and North America – and have often leapfrogged these markets directly into the future.

However, each of these emerging markets come with their own challenges, as well as opportunities.

This week's guests include:

  • Wiza Jalakasi, VP, Developer Relations, Chipper Cash
  • Aditi Sholapurkar, Co-Founder, Salt
  • Anna Hibino, Middle East & Africa - Expansion & Partnerships Lead, Wise

All of this and much more on today's episode!

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Special Guests: Aditi Sholapurkar, Anna Hibino, and Wiza Jalakasi.