585. Insights: After Dark: Better Faster Stronger

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585. Insights: After Dark: Better Faster Stronger

After Dark is back in front of a live audience! On our latest installment of Fintech Insider After Dark we are setting goals for the financial services industry in 2022 and beyond. How does financial services get better, faster, and stronger? Tune in to find out.

Welcome to the latest installment of After Dark, titled 'Better. Faster. Stronger.'

We are joined by the best and the brightest in fintech and financial services, as well as our first live audience of 2021, to set some goals for the industry as a whole.

What do we mean by that?

We’re asked our panel and live audience to rate where the financial services industry is in 2021 and set three goals for 2022 and beyond – what to start, what to keep up, and what to stop!

Our fantastic panel conists of;


  • Simon Taylor, Co-Founder, 11:FS / CPO, 11:FS Foundry
  • Jason Bates - Co-Founder / Deputy CEO - 11:FS


  • Louise Smith, Chair, Innovate Finance / Chief Digital Officer, Lloyds
  • Matt Henderson, EMEA Business Lead, Stripe

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Special Guests: Louise Smith and Matt Henderson.