552. News: Square buys Afterpay - the difference between being monolithic and monopolistic

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552. News: Square buys Afterpay - the difference between being monolithic and monopolistic

David Brear and Gwera Kiwana are joined by some great guests from Curl and Cornerstone Advisors to talk about some of the most interesting stories of the last 7 days, including: Square to buy Australia's Afterpay in $29 billion deal, CMA mandates ‘Sweeping’ in big win for UK Open Banking and both Rapyd and Kuda boast huge funding rounds to boost their expansion plans. All of this and much much more on today's episode!

Our expert hosts,David Brear and Gwera Kiwana, are joined by some great guests to talk about the most notable fintech, financial services and banking news from the past week.

This week's guests include:

  • Mike Kelly, CEO and founder of Curl, Stateless Group and formerly Product Lead for VPR at Open Banking
  • Ron Shevlin, Director of Research, Cornerstone Advisors

We cover the following stories from the fintech and financial services space:

  • Square to buy Australia's Afterpay in $29 billion deal 4:36
  • CMA mandates ‘Sweeping’ in big win for UK Open Banking 21:01
  • Kuda, the African challenger bank, raises $55M at a $500M valuation 37:20
  • Rapyd raises $300M on $8.75B valuation as fintech-as-a-service continues to boom 47:16
  • Snoop raises £15 million to fund international expansion 1:01:20
  • Element Ventures bags $130 million for B2B fintech fund 1:03:23
  • Robinhood spikes 65%, halted for volatility 1:04:15
  • Private jets are so last year: John Collison is buying an airport 1:06:00

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Special Guests: Mike Kelly and Ron Shevlin.