551. Insights: Can you teach a banker to code?

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551. Insights: Can you teach a banker to code?

Adam Davis and Nick Funnell are joined by some great guests from Fronted, Plum and Curve to take a deep dive into all things engineering: what is the face of an engineer and how has it changed over the years? How do they communicate complex information to the C-suite, and what advice can we give to senior managers? Tune in to find out more!

Our expert hosts, Adam Davis and Nick Funnell, are joined by some great guests to talk about the role of the engineer in the context of Fintech.

Engineers are essential to any software company, large or small, but they may not always be the most front-facing figures in a product build. Engineers are traditionally seen as builders, and what we will get into today is how the face of the engineer has changed since the birth of fintech, what are some challenges they face, and how do they go about explaining technical processes to their stakeholders?

This week's guests include:

  • Simon Vans-Colina, Co-Founder at Fronted
  • Chris Margonis, Senior Developer, Plum
  • Amber Goldberg, Software developer at Curve

All of this and much much more on today's episode!

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Special Guests: Amber Goldberg, Chris Margonis, and Simon Vans-Colina.