537. Insights: After Dark: New World Order

59min listen

537. Insights: After Dark: New World Order

After Dark is back! On our latest instalment of Fintech Insider After Dark we talk all about innovation and how customers' lives, wants & needs have drastically changed in the last few months. Who is leading innovation, are we all longing for a Super App and what new business models have we seen disrupt the market?

Welcome to the latest installment of After Dark, called New World Order. We are joined by the best and the brightest in fintech and financial services industry to talk all about innovation. Innovation is happening faster than ever and fintech continues to be at the absolute forefront of it.

From having all your needs in one app, to ever changing banking business models, people's wants, habits and understanding of tech have evolved dramatically. And the fintech industry is way ahead of them.

Our fantastic panel conists of;


  • Louise Smith, Chief Digital Officer, Lloyd's

Panel 1

  • Sarah Kocianski, 11:FS Head of Competitor Strategy
  • Daniel Hegarty, Habito Founder & CEO

Panel 2

  • Jason Bates, 11:FS Co-Founder & Deputy CEO
  • Neri Tollardo, Strategy Director at Tinkoff Group

Panel 3

  • David Brear, 11:FS Co-Founder & Group CEO
  • Janine Hirt, CEO, Innovate Finance

The full agenda:

  • Jason Bates, What does Truly Digital mean?
  • Round 1: Who is at the steering wheel of innovation?
  • Round 2: Is the age of the Super App here?
  • Round 3: What are (or will be) the new business models coming out?

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Special Guests: Daniel Hegarty, Janine Hirt, Louise Smith, and Neri Tollardo.