535. Insights: Rethinking AML

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535. Insights: Rethinking AML

Sarah Kocianski is joined by some great guests to talk about anti-money laundering — or AML — practices in banking and financial services and how they can be rethought. We want to lift the lid on the impact of the pandemic and the increase in digital services on AML. To do that, we're going to look at the data sources that go into AML practices, why AML has a bad rep and what the future of AML could look like.

Our expert host, Sarah Kocianski, is joined by some great guests unpack anti-money laundering — or AML — practices in banking and financial services and how they can be rethought and reconstructed.

We take a look at challenges of AML in its current form, the current status of financial crime in the UK and Europe, how can FIs improve the quality of data they’re using from both internal and external sources, as well as deep-diving into the future of AML and what it holds. All of this and much more on today's episode!

This week's guests include:

  • Livia Benisty, Global Head of Business AML at Banking Circle
  • Natasha Vernier, Co-founder and CEO at Cable/ Senior Advisor at FINTRAIL - formerly head of Financial Crime at Monzo
  • Sian Lewin, The “Reg Doctor”, Co-Founder & Head of Client Delivery at RegTech Associates, Founder of RegTech Women

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Special Guests: Livia Benisty, Natasha Vernier, and Sian Lewin.