500. Brexit, blockchain and big techs - the journey so far

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500. Brexit, blockchain and big techs - the journey so far

The gang are back together! In honour of 500 episodes, David Brear, Simon Taylor and Jason Bates take a look at the biggest fintech and financial services topics from our time in your podcast feed.

Between various office moves, company growth and of course, the pandemic, 4+ years and 500 episodes has whizzed by. In honour of the momentous occasion, David Brear, Simon Taylor and Jason Bates have come back together to look back on the biggest fintech and financial services topics from our time in your podcast feed. We take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of our key episodes and catch up with some of our favourite guests.

Joining us for this special episode are:

  • Anna Irrera - Chief Correspondent at Reuters
  • Jack Gavigan - Executive Director at the Zcash Foundation
  • Nick Ogden - Founder of RTGS.Global and Clear Bank
  • Sam Maule - Key Account Executive at Google

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Special Guests: Anna Irrera, Jack Gavigan , Nick Ogden, and Sam Maule.