392. Insights: VC Roundtable: What makes a good fintech investment?

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392. Insights: VC Roundtable: What makes a good fintech investment?

Simon Taylor is hosting solo this week and is joined by some great guests to talk about the future of fintech VC investment.

In this week's insights show our host extraordinaire, Simon Taylor, is joined by some great guests to discuss the future of fintech VC investment. Joining Simon to talk about one of the industry's hottest topics is:

  • Nick Sando - Fintech Investor at Octopus Ventures
  • Yann Ranchere - Partner at Anthemis
  • Vinoth Jayakumar - Principal and Investment Director at Draper Esprit

Simon starts from the very beginning: where did fintech come from? What made it so attractive to investors? And why does it continue to be so popular? The guys rattle through these basic questions before taking a deep dive into investment thesis, talent, new opportunities and the changing investment space.

Our guests have a wealth of experience in this subject area and spend the episode dissecting where fintech VC investment has been in the past and where it's going in the future.

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Special Guests: Nick Sando, Vinoth Jayakumar, and Yann Ranchere.