385. News: Does anyone trust banks anymore?

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David Brear and Simon Taylor are joined by some great guests to talk about some of the most interesting stories of the last 7 days, including: RBS to pay £40 million for foreign exchange rigging, WeLab raises $156 million ahead of virtual bank launch, and MasterCard launches mobile gift card ahead of Christmas. All this and much more on today's Fintech Insider News!

In the last Fintech Insider News show of the year expert hosts, David Brear and Simon Taylor, are joined by a panel of awesome guests to talk about the most notable fintech, financial services and banking news from the past week.

Making his Fintech Insider debut:

  • Bradley Riss - Chief Commercial Officer at Checkout.com.

And we also have some familiar faces returning to the show:

  • Tom Blomfield - Cheif Executive Officer at Monzo
  • Louise Hill - Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer at gohenry

We cover the following stories from the fintech and financial services space:

  • RBS to pay £40m penalty for foreign exchange rigging (02:44)
  • WeLab raises $156 million ahead of virtual bank launch (11:01)
  • OakNorth sees first loan default (19:23)
  • Incumbents and challengers hike overdraft rates (25:34)
  • Venmo and PNC feud over glitch (34:06)
  • Volt’s onboarding process begins (38:17)
  • Three more payday lenders fold (46:50)
  • Mastercard launches mobile gift card (57:12)

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Special Guests: Bradley Riss, Louise Hill, and Tom Blomfield.