330. Interviews: Patrick Collison, CEO of Stripe

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330. Interviews: Patrick Collison, CEO of Stripe

In today's episode, we bring you an interview with the extraordinary Patrick Collison, CEO of Stripe! David Brear meets him on stage at Money20/20 Europe in Amsterdam, to talk about all things Stripe, industry dynamics and the importance of being open to partnership.

We start off the episode start by discussing Stripes global success. With the amount of payment companies out there, how have they reached such a success? We take the story so far back as to when the company was called /Dev/Payments! How do you create a successful company? Could it be as easy as listening to your customers and do what they want?

David brings up one of Patricks quotes, If people don't think what you are doing is a little bit strange, maybe it's not strange enough. How do you find a strange enough strategy? Is being strange a way of moving away from a mimetic-heard dynamic in an industry where new innovations are key? How do you come up with a good idea and make sure it is different than what everyone else is working on?

Patrick also shares what's next for Stripe and why one could argue that we are no longer in ponds, but in a connected ocean.

All this and so much more on today's show.

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This week's episode was produced by Laura Watkins and edited by Alex Woodhouse.

Special Guest: Patrick Collison.