329. News: Live from Money20/20

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329. News: Live from Money20/20

Leda and Jason are joined by some great guests at Money20/20 Europe to talk about some of the most interesting stories of the last 7 days. Including: A roundup of the biggest announcements and trends from Money2020 Europe and Tink receives a strategic investment from PayPal. All this and much more on today's podcast!

This weeks news show is coming to you straight from our 11:FS lounge at Money20/20 in Amsterdam! We have some great stories for you as Leda and Jason are joined by a couple of great guests:

  • Bart Leurs - Chief Digital Transformation Officer at Rabobank
  • Conny Dorrestijn - Founding Partner at BankiFi
  • Jordane Giuly - Co-Founder and Head of Product at Spendesk
  • Suresh Vaghjiani - CEO & Co-Founder at Tribe Payments

We kick off the episode by taking a look at an article from Finextra about Money20/20 specifically: Money20/20 Europe 2019, Stop innovating, start executing. A big theme over the first day was innovation innovation innovation... is innovation an overused term? Should we stop innovating and start executing? Where is the fine line between being innovative and just doing something that is very niche? (02:23)

Next up, we talk about how Tribe Payments is partnering with UnionPay as part of the Chinese giant's 'aggressive' push into Europe! The partnership and the new platform were launched at here Money20/20 and the panel wonders what is going to happen in the payments industry? Is this innovation through connecting people from different places? Is the payment era changing and will it change from only being a MasterCard VS Visa race? Are we going to see transformation and innovation rise through competition?(16:38)

Other stories include:

  • Rabobank’s Fundr is in it’s trial phase to help SMEs cope with PSD2 (24:03)
  • ebay partners with Asto to offer a new finance solution (32:50)
  • Tink receives strategic investment from PayPal (37:54)
  • Europe leads the $31tn charge on sustainable investing (42:22)
  • Brits turn to digital banking reveals a new study from Mastercard (49:26)
  • A school in China has made a facial recognition software that scans the students’ behaviour in the classroom every 30 seconds (52:27)

All this and so much more on today's show.

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This week's episode was produced by Laura Watkins and edited by Alex Woodhouse.

Special Guests: Bart Leurs, Conny Dorrestijn, Jordane Giuly , and Suresh Vaghjiani.