324. Insights: BlackRock WealthTech19

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324. Insights: BlackRock WealthTech19

Simon is at Blackrock's WealthTech19 summit at Code Node in London, where he is surrounded by a wealth(!) of knowledge and experience!

The world of wealth is changing and so is our mindset around money. We have new ways of saving money, and we are bombarded with new apps and services every day. We live longer but our lifestyles are changing. Still, we retire at the same age as previous generations which means our pensions have to last for a lot longer. Women and men are forced into the same pension buckets, but women often take time off their careers for parental reasons. Money and mental health are closely linked and we need to think about what money is doing to our mental health and how we can learn to cope with it. This year at WealthTech19, Simon takes the opportunity to speak to some truly inspirational industry experts on topics like generational shifts, relationship with money, investing, mental health and saving for retirement and what can be done for the future.

  • Joe Parkin - Head of UK Sales at iShares and Aladdin Wealth Tech distribution, BlackRock
  • Gonzalo Pradas, Head of Wealth at OpenBank
  • Mark Adams - Vice Media
  • Frank Cooper III - Global CMO BlackRock
  • Noah Kerner - CEO and founder, Acorns
  • Armit Bhambra - Head of UK Retirement for iShares EMEA

First up, Simon speaks to Joe Parkin who tells us what the WealthTech 2019 event is all about, and why it is focussing on wealth and wellbeing. Joe also tells us how the last couple of years have changed the way people talk about mental health. Next up, Simon sits down with Frank Cooper III to discuss what wealth and wellbeing mean in the context of brand and marketing for a financial services company. Also, what is the truth of how people live their lives?
We also have an exclusive interview with Noah Kerner, CEO and founder of Acorns talking about getting young people into investing and caring about their savings.

All this and so much more on today's show.

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This week's episode was produced by Laura Watkins and edited by Alex Woodhouse.

Special Guests: Armit Bhambra, Frank Cooper III, Gonzalo Pradas, Joe Parkin, Mark Adams, and Noah Kerner.