302. Insights: Women in financial services

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302. Insights: Women in financial services

It's International Women's Day and we have a show packed full of content and views from some great women working in financial services today.

Coinciding with International Women's Day, Sarah is hosting an episode that shines a spotlight on the financial industry's documented lack of equality and many headlines are made of the gender pay gap and many other negative aspects. But it’s not all doom and gloom.

Our roundtable goes over a wide range of topics, looking at their personal experiences as women in financial services, the gender (im)balance at work, what's changed in the industry, differences in gender equality at incumbents and fintechs, how STEM can attract more women, careers advice and so much more.

They also talk about approaches to work, mentorships, imposter syndrome, salary expectations and share experiences and advice that apply to everyone.

We have some brilliant guests, including:

  • Emma Lindley, VP at VISA and Co-Founder of Women in Identity
  • Val Kristensen, Director of Comms at OakNorth
  • Livia Benisty, Head of Financial Crime at ComplyAdvantage
  • Shafali Gupta, VP Strategy & Operations at Fluidly
  • Diana Parades, CEO of Suade Labs

Our Senior Producer Laura Watkins also interviews Megan Caywood, now Head of Digital Strategy at Barclays and formerly Chief Platform Officer at Starling Bank to get her unique perspective on similar issues.

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This episode was made thanks to Senior Producer Laura Watkins and edited by Audio Engineer Alex Woodhouse.

Special Guests: Diana Paredes, Emma Lindley, Livia Benisty, Megan Caywood, Shafali Gupta, and Valentina Kristensen.