300. Insights: This. Is. Fintech.

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300. Insights: This. Is. Fintech.

It's our 300th episode! That calls for something a little bit special so we have a roundtable of our hosts plus the person who's the reason Fintech Insider exists.

It's been a long two and a half years. But we've finally hit a huge landmark with our 300th episode.

This episode is an 11:FS special with some of your favourite hosts:

  • David Brear
  • Simon Taylor
  • Sarah Kocianski
  • Ross Gallagher
  • Jason Bates

Plus extra special guest Marko Wenthin, Co-Founder of Solarisbank.

Our panel take a trip down memory lane, going over the early days of trying to figure out audio editing, why we took the approach that we did and how taking a conversation from the pub after a conference created a chart-topping podcast.

We go over the rejected theme tunes for the show and some of the show's highlights, including some of the best jokes, live shows, conferences and of course After Dark.

We also talk about some of the incredible guests we've had and difficult topics we've tackled. Of course none of this would be possible without you so we asked you to send in whatever questions you want for the hosts to answer. But if we didn't manage to get to yours this time around don't worry, we've made AMAs a regular feature on the podcast so we'll get to yours eventually!

To tie off the show we have the favourite moments of ours and yours and some friends of the show.

The microphones we used for this recording were six Rode NT1A's with Pop Shield.

We take a look at all this and much more on this week's episode of Fintech Insider. Thank you for sticking with us for the past 300 episodes and we hope you'll stick around for next 300.

We hope you enjoy the show and, as ever, don't forget to subscribe!

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This episode was produced by Laura Watkins. Edited by Alex Woodhouse.

Special Guest: Marko Wenthin.