3. No banking licence? No problem!

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3. No banking licence? No problem!

Come with us Under the Hood, lifting the lid on banking technology - and in today's episode, we're looking at banking licences - why you need one, and what your options are if you don't have one. Clue: it's not the drawback it used to be! Simon and Sankaet are joined by great guests from Global Processing Services, OnJuno and FintechOS to find out more!

In this episode, we're going Under the Hood of banking licences!

We look at the challenges of getting a banking licence and why it’s so tough (especially in the US) , but also how not having a licence of your own is no longer a drawback, and through the beauty of Banking as a Service and partnerships, you don’t necessarily need your own licence any more to be able to offer successful financial services product.

To join Simon Taylor and Sankaet Pathak on this journey, we’re joined by some excellent guests.

  • Siddharth Verma, Co-founder OnJuno
  • Joanne Dewar, CEO, Global Processing Services
  • Teo Blidarus, Founder and CEO at FintechOS

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Special Guests: Joanne Dewar, Siddharth Verma, and Teo Blidarus.