297. News: Talking poop

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297. News: Talking poop

We're switching things up a bit for this episode, our US host Sam Maule was in the UK with fellow Americans (and American experts) Teana Baker-Taylor, Alexa Fernandez, Joaquin Ayuso de Paul and Mark Miesner to go over the best US stories of the past week. We bring you: The latest developments in the BB&T and Suntrust super-merger, Chime rings the changes as 10k new users sign up in 24hrs and Mastercard’s new sonic identity that’s going on tour.

This week we have some huge stories for you as Sam's joined by:

  • Teana Baker-Taylor, Exec Director and Board Member, Global Digital Finance
  • Alexa Fernandez, Open Innovation & Ecosystem Builder at BBVA
  • Joaquin Ayuso de Paul, CEO of Denizen
  • Mark Meisner, CEO of Gen6 Ventures

We kick off the show for a US perspective on the super merger that broke on last week's show. Two of the US’ biggest banks merge to become a super bank, as BB&T buy SunTrust for $28BN in stock. It's a phenomenal merger and every one of our guests has a unique take on the story. The banks are 'super-regional' which just means they're not one of the top five in the USA. They still each have assets of over $200BN. It'll make the new bank the sixth largest bank in the USA with $442BN in assets $301BN in loans and $324BN in deposits. 3100 of their branches are within 20 feet of each other (03:10).

You can watch the YouTube video of our panel discussing the story here.

Next up the US group discuss Chime's incredible acquisition of 10K accounts in a day, starting with a great question from Teana Baker-Taylor on whether digital banks in the US really have different regulations compared to traditional banks. We actually gave them an 11:FS Pulse award for Best US disruptor before this happened, we're geniuses. We take a look at how the UK challengers are eyeing up the USA and how the outage with Wells Fargo was one of the best advertising campaigns for Chime (15:00).

Other stories include:

  • Plaid now goes Nationwide - the fintech's now supporting Auth for every bank and credit union in the US
  • Venture Capital investment into fintech companies rose to approximately $31BN in 2018
  • Revolut's marketing woes continue as the ASA is set to probe the 'spoof' takeaway ad campaign
  • OakNorth aims to put down roots in the US after new investment from Japanese mega-investor Softbank. We also have further insight on this story from OakNorth CEO Rishi Khosla
  • Mastercard's new groove with Linkin Park. The payments infrastructure and processor company is heading to the Grammys and Brit Awards to debut the audio cue for its new sonic brand identity

All this and much much more on this week's news show.

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This week's episode was produced by Laura Watkins and edited by Alex Woodhouse.

Special Guests: Alexa Fernandez, Joaquin Ayuso de Paul, Mark Meisner, Rishi Khosla, and Teana Baker-Taylor.