292. Interviews: Michael Rouse, CCO of Klarna

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292. Interviews: Michael Rouse, CCO of Klarna

David interviews Michael Rouse, CCO of Klarna to talk about partnering with Snoop Dogg, smoothing payments and the evolution of payments.

Michael Rouse is the CCO of Klarna.

David talks to Michael about avoiding the trap of copying others, partnering with a brand as unique as Snoop Dogg's, and the evolution of payments in a broad sense, beyond simply moving money into a service and discovering the new areas of innovation.

They also look at how to become both big and fast in the space and how that is born from creating a culture that allows people in the company to act autonomously. Michael talks about how empowering the leaders of Klarna's teams to think of it as running a business has been part of its success.

Klarna has managed to keep the entrepreneurial spark it started with nearly 14 years ago. Operating in the world of e-commerce and point of sale financing, Klarna is born out of the buy-now pay-later category and started in Sweden. Now they're operating in 18 geographies and around 60M consumers have used its product.

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This episode was produced by Laura Watkins and edited by Alex Woodhouse

Special Guest: Michael Rouse.