286. Interviews: Howard Marks, Co-Founder, Activison and StartEngine

39min listen

Simon interviews Howard Marks, Co-Founder and CEO of StartEngine. They take a look at innovating within technological limitations, turning around failing businesses and raising capital.

Howard Marks is Co-Founder and CEO of StartEngine with a long history in the gaming industry, he co-founded Activision and founded Acclaim, and has unique expertise in innovating within echnological limitations, turning around failing businesses and raising capital.

Simon talks to Howard about how to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and the difficulties of raising capital unless you bootstrap the business. Howard wanted to solve the problems entrepreneurs face in raising funding, especially when entrepreneurs don't fit the young straight white male stereotype that VCs typically see.

Howard Marks believes crowdfunding is the future of finance and he realised that the public want to be able to invest in companies they support. For a long time it's felt like the system was rigged for the rich to get richer and now regular people have a way to access companies in a similar way.

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This episode was produced by Laura Watkins and edited by Alex Woodhouse

Special Guest: Howard Marks.