191. Insights: Rewind: How do you know it's web3?

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EL. EF. GEE. Today we bring you: A rewind look into an episode focused on ownership. Ownership is web3’s ability to prove that digital assets are owned by users. But how exactly does it work? How is it different from the world of web2? And what changes can we expect to see in the world now that assets are on-chain? All this and much more on today's Blockchain Insider!

gm. Mauricio Magaldi and Cuy Sheffield are back this week to explore one of the key conceptual primitives - ownership.

To give you a better glimpse of ownership in web3 means, we are opening up the archives and we’re bringing you a fantastic show from July 2022.

So what really is web3 ownership? How is this different from web2 ownership and What technologies enable this shift in gravity? Join us while we discuss some real world financial use cases, and what we might expect of the future.

We are also joined by some amazing guests:

  • Chris Maddern, Co-Founder & CEO, Floor NFTs
  • Shailee Adinolfi, Director of Business Development, ConsenSys

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Special Guests: Chris Maddern and Shailee Adinolfi.