135. Crypto vs cash as a safe haven as markets react to coronavirus

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We. Are. Here. Today we bring you: Cash is king once again, the Bank of England releases CBDC white paper, and MakerDAO faces an emergency shutdown. Simon Taylor hosts and is joined by Vinay Gupta, founder and CEO of Mattereum and Obi Nwosu, CEO of Coinfloor. All this and much more on today's Blockchain Insider!

Simon Taylor is back this week to talk about the latest and greatest news in blockchain, Bitcoin and crypto. Of course, he is not alone, and in this episode, Simon is joined remotely by Blockchain Insider returners:

  • Vinay Gupta - Founder and CEO of Mattereum
  • Obi Nwosu - CEO of Coinfloor

This week we kick things off with a discussion about cash, crypto and coronavirus. In the past few weeks, COVID-19 has taken its toll on markets worldwide, and in today's episode, we talk about how cash has become the new safe haven as the value of crypto and gold continues to tank. While many cryptocurrency advocates have long likened bitcoin to gold as the ultimate financial safe haven, in these challenging times the markets are saying otherwise. A lot can happen in a few weeks, and in this episode, we continue to dig into the latest blockchain and crypto news including:

  • Cash Is the New Safe Haven as Crypto, Gold Continue to Tank (01:44)
  • Bank of England releases white paper on central bank digital currencies (12:01)
  • DeFi Leader MakerDAO weighs emergency shutdown following ETH price drop (25:59)
  • ING invests in enterprise blockchain securities lending platform HQLAX (39:12)

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Special Guests: Obi Nwosu and Vinay Gupta.