128: Has crypto grown up?

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We. Are. Here. Today we bring you: a live panel from this year's Money20/20! We also have some incredible interviews with Asaf Meir, CEO at Solidus Labs and Max Boonen, CEO at B2C2.

In this episode, we’re going to give you some exclusive content that we’ve selfishly kept all to ourselves. From this year's Money20/20 we’ve got an awesome panel on the state of crypto and whether or not it has grown up (00:54).

As legal and regulatory frameworks develop, we hear about how the industry is instilling transparency, integrity, and accountability to demonstrate that crypto is growing up and evolving into a sustainable asset class. The panel was hosted by:

  • Sandra Ro - CEO of Global Blockchain Business Council

And she was joined on stage by:

  • Michel Rauchs - Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Lead at the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance
  • Asaf Meir - CEO at Solidus Labs
  • Max Boonen - CEO at B2C2

If that wasn’t enough, we also talked to Asaf (31:01) and Max (40:49) about their respective companies and what they’re doing in the industry.

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Special Guests: Asaf Meir, Max Boonen, Michel Rauchs, and Sandra Ro.