125. Jamie Bartlett: Still searching for the Missing Cryptoqueen

56min listen

We. Are. Here. Today we bring you an interview with Jamie Bartlett, co-writer and co-host of The Missing Cryptoqueen podcast.

Simon Taylor is back this week and is joined by Jamie Bartlett, the author of The Dark Net, People vs Tech, and Radicals Chasing Utopia, and now the brains (and voice!) behind the hottest new podcast in the crypto community: The Missing Cryptoqueen.

The series, based upon OneCoin’s founding CEO Dr Ruja Ignatova, has had the community at their edge of their seats. Following the hugely successful series’ suspenseful finale, Simon Taylor sat down with Jamie to explore the genesis of the podcast, how the blockchain boom fuelled the rise of Ponzi schemes, and much more!

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Special Guest: Jamie Bartlett .