112. Insights: Harnessing Big Data's potential for the insurance industry

45min listen

Nigel Walsh and John Bean are joined by a wonderful guest from TrustLayer to talk through the current data landscape in insurance, and all it has to offer. All this and much, much more on today's Insurtech Insider!

Nigel Walsh and John Bean are joined by an amazing guest to take a deep dive into data. Data is incredibly important in insurance, and we want to take a look at how it’s evolving. We’ll cover the massive explosion in data in the past few years and the reasons behind it, the blockers it currently faces and how we can get over them, and we try to predict what we might see in the future!

Joining us today:

  • Jason Reichl, CRO at TrustLayer

All that and much more on this week's episode of Insurtech Insider!

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Special Guest: Jason Reichl.