108. Who's Been Using Bitcoin?

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We. Are. Here. Today we bring you: A $120m ‘Digital IPO,' Crypto Catches Mastercard’s Eye, 98% of Bitcoin is used for legal things, and so much more!

On today's episode, Simon Taylor is joined by some great guests to talk about the latest and greatest news in blockchain, Bitcoin and crypto. Today's guests include:

  • Teana Baker-Taylor, Executive Director & Board Member at Global Digital Finance
  • Claudio Bellei, Data Scientist at Elliptic

We cover the following stories from the blockchain and crypto space:

  • 98% of Bitcoin is Used for Legal Things (1:41)
  • Crypto Catches Mastercard’s Eye (26:00)
  • The Largest Crypto Transfer Ever? (32:25)
  • A $120m ‘Digital IPO’ (39:17)

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Special Guests: Claudio Bellei and Teana Baker-Taylor.